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Wednesday 5 July, 7 – 9:30 pm, London

Himalayan Yoga & Sound network and the Theosophical Society in England are delighted to welcome Ram Vakkalanka to London~


Yoga is a system of philosophy and a discipline of practical application at the same time. Yoga invites us to expand our hearts, rise above mundane existential limitations and discover and celebrate the limitless Divine Essence within us.

The ultimate goal of Yoga is to help us live in perfect harmony with everything and everyone around us.

In this workshop, we go on a fascinating journey from the ancient roots of Yoga, explore the different spiritual sciences Yoga encompasses and look at its evolution over thousands of years.

This workshop draws its substance from the Upanishads, Ramayana, Mahabharata and many other ancient texts of India. We end with a Nada Yoga meditation, involving live Sitar music.

Ram Vakkalanka is a Nada Yogi, Yoga Philosopher, Sanskrit expert and Kirtan artist. Born and brought up in India, he is currently based in Toronto, Canada and travels through many countries sharing his deep wisdom of the Yogic tradition. So far, 19 CDs and one DVD of his works have been released. He created an on-line video course – ‘Deepen your understanding of Yoga and how it transforms you’ to help the worldwide community of Yoga practitioners. For more about him or to purchase his albums, please visit www.aksharayoga.com

As A Musician, Singer

A deep passion for music has been a part of Ram since childhood. At a young age, he began studying the art of sitar playing and received extensive training from Sri Atmaram Kelwadkar and Prof. Shambhu Das, a senior disciple of Ravi Shankar. His style has been influenced by traditional sitar music, classical music, jazz, and much more, giving his compositions an incredibly individual sound. The music is meditative, spiritual, and said by many to be immensely healing. Ram performs his music at hospitals to patients in need of healing. He also has performed at many festivals and events. You may have heard him play at the Stratford Summer Music Festival, Junction Arts Festival, Montreal Chant Festival, and World Ecology Festival.

Ram also practices Kirtan singing/chanting. For many years, he has brought the power of Mantras and ancient Ragas to listeners. The chanting is inspiring, energizing, and healing. At a performance you may also hear Ram telling stories from Puranas and teaching the meanings of Mantras and how they relate to these stories and the Deities involved. Meditation is also often involved in these performances as well as his sitar playing, creating a powerful, enriching experience.


Full cost: £20

Members of the Theosophical Society & concessions: £10

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Contact Lola Lhamo for more details               yoga@lolalhamo.com           07757093532

logo_black1We are grateful to The Theosophical Society in England for hosting this event

The Theosophical Society in England, 50, Gloucester Place,  W1U 8EA (Baker St, Marble Arch)


Please, book by the link below.

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