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July 4: 1-4pm, London

Himalayan Yoga & Sound network and the Theosophical Society in England are delighted to welcome Ram Vakkalanka to London~

Recharge yourself with Mantra Yoga. Workshop by Ram Vakkalanka

Mantras are Sacred Vibrations that embody specific energies of the Universe.

Repetition of Mantra attracts the Cosmic Energies, channels them inward and ignites corresponding energies inside the practitioner.

Mantras help energize and centre ourselves, calm the negative chatter of the mind, deal with addictions, improve self-image, break through obstacles in life and induce inner peace and harmony.

In this workshop, we will learn about the various Cosmic Energies, prerequisites of a Mantra, accurate pronunciation of a few energizing Mantras, practical applications of Mantras and how to practice Mantra Meditation.

This workshop draws upon the science of Mantras from various Puranas as well as Vedic literature. Insights into the essence of Sanskrit and its nature will be offered as necessary.

Ram Vakkalanka is a Nada Yogi, Yoga Philosopher, Sanskrit expert and Kirtan artist. Born and brought up in India, he is currently based in Toronto, Canada and travels through many countries sharing his deep wisdom of the Yogic tradition. So far, 19 CDs and one DVD of his works have been released. He created an on-line video course – ‘Deepen your understanding of Yoga and how it transforms you’ to help the worldwide community of Yoga practitioners. For more about him or to purchase his albums, please visit


Full cost: £20

Members of the Theosophical Society & concessions: £10

Please, book by link below or

Contact Lola Lhamo for more details                07757093532

logo_black1We are grateful to The Theosophical Society in England for hosting this event

The Theosophical Society in England, 50, Gloucester Place,  W1U 8EA (Baker St, Marble Arch)


Please, book by link below

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